Our friends ask – What are you thinking?

People are surprised when we tell them we are opening a B&B in our home. With all we have on our plates, they wonder “What are you thinking?” OK, we’ll tell you.

It’s true, we already have a very full life. Brad works full-time providing digital graphic services for local authors, artists and photographers. Peggy is a busy full-time potter who operates her own home-based gallery and also manages the Rainforest Arts Gallery in Chemainus. We also volunteer our time and support to the local arts community, especially the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society and Ladysmith Camera Club.

Outside of work, Peggy can be usually be found tending our very large garden or cooking our plant-based meals from scratch. And we try to take time to enjoy our two grown children and their families, social outings with friends and sharing many other mutually agreeable personal interests together.

So why add another big commitment to our plates?

Our plums, © 2018, Brad Grigor
Our plums

Peggy says she puts so much love and energy into her garden that it is a shame not to share it. All our art customers are always welcome to tour the garden when they visit us, but we have so much more to offer, and you really must spend time here to appreciate our cozy outdoor retreats. Sipping wine on a summer’s evening by the fish pond and waterfall, reading a book in our sheltered garden room under a comforter on an autumn day, pondering the fairies at their bubbling rock retreat, enjoying breakfast under the wisteria. All these things give us great joy and we want to share it.

Oh, and finally, we find so much delight in our year-round hummingbird population that we want you to enjoy not only our many birds, but also our frequent visitations by bunnies and deer, California Quail and yes, even our local kitty population.

The view from Saltair beach, © 2018, Brad Grigor
The view from Saltair beach

In addition to all of this, we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. From our property, we can see the mountains and ocean, walk to several beaches and hike in natural rainforest trails. Why wouldn’t we want to share all of this?

Do we have time to run a B&B? Oh yes! Please, do come and stay. You are most welcome!

2 Replies to “Our friends ask – What are you thinking?”

  1. Lovely to see this and how your lives have travelled since leaving Toronto
    We are all well and a few of the kids are in BC. Perhaps a stay st your lovely haven will be in our future!

    Stay well and good luck


    1. Thanks so much for reaching out–it’s good to hear from you. We’d love to have you visit and stay at Hummingbird Haven.

      Brad & Peggy

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