COVID-19 Plan

General guidelines

We will adhere to all applicable COVID-19 recommended guidelines and public health orders of the ministries of health of British Columbia and Canada.

Booking and check-in conditions

We will accept bookings on the following conditions:

  • At the scheduled check-in date, each guest warrants that they have no COVID-19 symptoms and that they have complied with all applicable quarantine requirements.
  • We will accept international bookings with the understanding that we will cancel without penalty, and with as much advance notice as possible, any booking for guests who will be restricted from entering BC on the scheduled check-in date.

Only one client / “bubble” at a time

We will limit the number of guests and clients in the gallery to one person or related party (“bubble”) at a time. Signage will be posted with this information.

Masks Policy

Effective July 1, 2021 and until further notice, masks are mandatory in the gallery area (during check-in, while shopping, etc.). Masks are not mandatory for guests while in the B&B suite during their visit.

Physical distancing

We offer only a single guest suite with a private entrance, so your physical distance and safety are assured. Brad and Peggy will greet you in masks, having sanitized the reception area and B&B suite. Your suite includes a private outdoor area where you will not encounter other people.

Our quiet seaside community is safe for walking. Our 5 beaches and many trails are within walking distance and the low number of residents who are outside are respectful of physical distancing.


We will disinfect all areas before and after your arrival including serving ware, doorknobs, reception desk, pens, credit card machines, sinks and faucets, etc.

All pillows, extra blankets, throws, shawls and blankets for the garden room will be steam cleaned before each guest check-in.

We will run all dishes and cutlery through a sanitation cycle in our dishwasher daily.

Sanitizer will be available in the gallery, vestibule and suite.

Signage and guest instructions

We will place a sign on the main gallery entrance door advising clients and guests about our physical distancing and mask policy before they enter the gallery.. We will provide an information sheet with additional information to each guest party at check-in.

Change-over interval

We will leave a minimum 5-hour interval between guests to ensure we have time to sanitize the vestibule, suite, bedding, pillows, etc. This means we might not be able to accommodate all early check-in requests.


Breakfast will be self-serve. Guests will be able to enjoy their breakfast in the private Garden Room bistro area. All food is prepared on site by Peggy and handled only by us.

Chemainus Theatre packages

The regular Chemainus Theatre season is in hiatus until further notice. Therefore, we are unable to offer Chemainus Theatre packages at this time.

BC welcomes you!

British Columbia is a beautiful place to visit. Our community and surrounding area are filled with wonderful places to walk or drive to. You are encouraged to enjoy our scenery.  Saltair has many nearby restaurants that offer take out services, two health centres within 10 km, several grocery stores and pharmacies and more. Whether you want to stay put in Saltair or explore our beautiful Island, we are here to make your vacation a pleasant and memorable experience.

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